Pimping Weapons Daily

I’m back around and able to start uploading more original content. While I was away, apparently this blog hit 200 followers, which probably isn’t much by Tumblr standards but still amazes me for what was originally just a way to clean out my weapons folder (especially as it’s been nothing but reblogs lately). Thank you for your likes, reblogs and general interest, and I hope I can continue to provide interesting and diverting content.

Anyway - here’s a very fancy CZ-75 from a Czech gunsmith, whose site I can’t begin to understand. Many more fancy pieces are being queued up for your delectation.



PS: some excellent blogs, which I’ve shamelessly reblogged loads of stuff from lately (some of which is still in the queue):

  • art-of-swords: Edged weapons general; some truly beautiful stuff in here.
  • peashooter85: Lots of weapons, with a focus on diminutive pistols.
  • ghost-of-gold: A more general tumblr with very varied subject matter; updates very frequently with great photographs, a real class act.