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Infamous Pocket Pistol—- Liliput Model I .32 automatic.

This little automatic pistol was the possession of Adolf Hitler during World War II. Gold plated, engraved, and with pearl grips, this pistol was presented to Hitler shortly before the start of WWII by party member Max Kehl. The inscription on the slide reads, “Presented to the revered Leader Adolf Hitler by the Party Comrade Kehl in the city of Munich from his home, the City of Weapons, Suhl.”

Throughout his career there were 42 attempts on Hitler’s life. He often carried this gun concealed in a secret pocket sewn into his pants as well as a .32 Walther PPK. In 1945 an as yet anonymous American GI discovered the pistol in a government warehouse in Munich. For almost 30 years he kept the pistol hidden under his bed in Pittsburgh, PA. He then sold the gun to his employer, millionaire cheese manufacturer Ray Bily. Bily stored the pistol in a Nevada bank vault for several more years.

Today the Hitler’s Liliput Pistol is on display at West Point Military Academy.

Value: Priceless