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You have a truly kick ass blog of very scarce and unique beautiful weapons, I've thoroughly enjoyed every bit of your postings!

Thanks a million! Its the copacetic guys and gals like you that fuel the gilded and scrolled war machine we run here! I would however like to point out a few blogs that we might have not survived without. 

peashooter85 for formerly maintaining the place and being quite generally one of the most erudite and affable men I’ve known when he’s not sending photos of phallic looking tubers and Elizabethan catcalls to complete strangers

ghost-of-gold and his neato #antiques tag from which we culled much fine material

art-of-swords for their blisteringly large collection of posts upon ornate and splendid blades

And finally the innumerable other contributors of the gilded and tacky implements of war here on tumblr, to which there is not enough space in appropriate medium to name right now. To them and to you all, we tip our hats. 



An Old Time Traditon- Schuetzen Rifles and Schuetzenfest

Schuetzen rifles were highly customized and ornate rifles created for one purpose—Schuetzenfest (shooting festival). Schuetzenfest was a two hundred year old German tradition in which marksmen and spectators would gather for a friendly competition of skill and marksmenship. Traditionally the competitors would have to fire 100 shots at 200 yards, off hand with a heavy rifle and no breaks. Schuetzen rifles can be of any make and model, and throughout history they evolved from blackpowder muzzleloaders to single shot breachloading rifles. Schuetzen rifles could be hand made from scratch by a local master gunsmith or could be a highly customized production rifles, of which Steven’s were very popular. Most of these rifles were highly ornate, engraved, and decorated with German folk art or family history. Some of the most spectacular versions can bring anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 dollar today depending on make and craftsmenship.

By far the largest Schuetzenfest occured in Hanover and featured 5,000 marksmen, 250 hotels and inns, 5 beer tents, and a parade with 10,000 participants. As German immigrants moved to the United States they brought their traditions with them, and Schuetzenfest could be found all over American, especially in the Cleveland area.

Unfortunatly the Schuetzenfest lost popularity in both America and Germany. In American Germanophobia during World War I often saw hostility and even outright bans of Schuetzenfest activities. In Germany WWI, arms controls during the Weimar Republic era, and WWII would also bring an end to Schuetzenfest activities.

However, today Schuetzenfest is making a comeback in both sides of the pond. Re-enactors and sharpshooters are banding together to bring back this historic festival. If you find a Schuetzenfest near you please attend, sit back, enjoy a lager, and help bring back this centuries old tradition.

Holy fuck I love schuetzen-stocked rifles. Gorgeous things they are.

A fine cased pair of pinfire Lefaucheux revolver
dating: third quarter of the 19th Century
provenence: France
Round, rifled, 12 mm. cal. barrels, with a high foresight, marked “Viterbo Nostas”; smooth six-shot revolving chambers; on one of the two frames is the Lefaucheux mark, both have the serial number on their right side, one is “LF 47881” and the other one is “LF 47777”; loading gates, manual extractors, trigger guards with finger support; ivory grips with a ring; both weapons are completely gilded and widely engraved with floral motifs on an opaque background. In their wooden case, on the cover is a brass shield marked “Viterbo Nostas 1862”; the inside is lined with green velvet, complete with a ramrod, a strainer, and a screwdriver with ivory components, a bullet mold and a tool to assemble cartridges.Viterbo Nostas was a Peruvian politician, one of the delegated representative of the Jauja region during the promulgation of the country’s constitution in 1856, under the Marshall Ramón Castilla government.
- sent in by the superb peashooter85, who you should be following if you aren’t already.
A tiny ornate palm pistol. Peashooter85, you’re going to love this.

A tiny ornate palm pistol. Peashooter85, you’re going to love this.

I’m back around and able to start uploading more original content. While I was away, apparently this blog hit 200 followers, which probably isn’t much by Tumblr standards but still amazes me for what was originally just a way to clean out my weapons folder (especially as it’s been nothing but reblogs lately). Thank you for your likes, reblogs and general interest, and I hope I can continue to provide interesting and diverting content.

Anyway - here’s a very fancy CZ-75 from a Czech gunsmith, whose site I can’t begin to understand. Many more fancy pieces are being queued up for your delectation.



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